Chiropractic Care in Middletown, DE at Camp Chiropractic

The doctors at Camp Chiropractic are trained in a wide range of adjusting techniques. They typically uses Diversified and Gonstead adjustment techniques which are manual adjusting methods. However, the doctors can also offer lighter adjusting techniques like Activator and Thompson Drop Piece to meet the needs of all of our practice members. The docotors regularly performs extremity adjustments on wrists, shoulders, and ankles for athletes, active workers, or specific problem areas.  We also offer maternity care through the entire course of pregnancy. As members of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association we keep up on the latest methods to keep your baby well.

Chiropractic Care maintains the health of your nervous system. The spine is the window to your nervous system. When the spine is moving well, your nervous system will be healthier. Chiropractic is both a healing art and science dealing with correcting structural problems called subluxations that interfere with movement of the spine. Chiropractic maximizes your health potential by removing interference to the greatest healer that has ever existed, the healer inside you. For a complete description of the history of chiropractic and it’s efficacy visit: Chiropractic information.