Active Healing Center of Wellness – Health Screening Program


Our Objective is to educate and promote enhanced health and lifestyle of each employee


Health Screening

Postural, Neurological and Functional Evaluation

  • Determines strength and flexibility
  • Identifies areas of imbalance and dysfunction
  • Early determination of arthritis

Examination of body’s trigger and reflex points

  • Identifies areas of stress/tension throughout the body
  • Assesses body’s ability to adjust and balance during time of stress
  • Provides information on stress relief

Nutrition Evaluation

  • Identifies areas of diet that need enhancement
  • Education on maximizing body’s performance through nutrition

Physical Fitness Assessment

  • Assessment of muscular flexibility, strength and endurance
  • Identifies level of physical fitness
  • Education on improvement of body weight and composition through exercise

Blood Pressure Evaluation

  • Identifies possible blood pressure related problems
  • Provides information on maintaining proper blood pressure

Eye Evaluation (if desired)

  • Identifies possible eyesight related problems
  • Provides information on improving eyesight

Blood Sugar Check

  • Identifies early signs of diabetes


Employee Benefits

  • Reduced injuries/ailments from work-related duties and other activities
  • Rehabilitation of problematic areas
  • Increased work capacity
  • Improved job performance, satisfaction and self-image
  • Achievement of personal goals


Company Benefits

  • Decreased time-loss due to sickness/injury
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Improved employee performance and morale
  • A unique program to market to established and potential new employees
  • Increased employee retention and satisfaction
  • Distinguishes company from competition
  • Enhances company reputation as leader in employee safety/care


Active Healing Center Proposal

  • Flexible exam scheduling
  • Exam will be performed at company location
  • Program is complimentary
  • Report provided to employee and facility